Areeka Haq Biography, Facts, Life Style & Life Story

Areeka Haq Biography, Facts, Life Style & Life Story

Biography of Areeka Haq:

Areeka Haq is a most famous Pakistani TikTok star and online media personality. Her date of birth is October 20, 2002, and she was born in Karachi, Pakistan. She has a large following on apps like TikTok, Short Video, and Instagram. After that, she gained popularity due to her remarkable 15-30 second funny recordings, lip sync, animation and touching clips on her TikTok account. Currently, Area Haq’s age is 20 years old in 2022. She is one of the top 10 big Pakistani Tiktok superstars.

Furthermore, she has 8.9 million followers and 255.6 million likes on her TikTok profile. Areeka Haq looks like a charming young lady in every video.

She mainly works as a famous TikTok star and web superstar.

Parents/Childhood/Siblings and Education:

areeka haq with parents

Ariqa Haq lived with a Muslim family who arrived in Karachi, Pakistan, on October 20, 2002. She is a beloved daughter of her parents among the family members. In a meeting, she doesn’t mind her parents sharing her data through online media. Since her youth, Areeka has wanted to be Pakistan’s most prominent social star. In the context of tutoring, she started uploading her incredibly entertaining 15-30 second recordings on the world’s most popular app, TikTok. People have loved recording all her outstanding deeds in this beautiful app. She is currently under examination and is also considering her plans.

The star received a lot of criticism for appearing in famous actor Asim Azhar’s recent music video as people didn’t think her gift was enough to land a massive job, and Asim Azhar was only seen on TikTok because of her popularity in online media. After which, big names like Saba Qamar and many artists took to Twitter to take down the trollers.

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Her Career history:

Areeka Haq started her appearance on lip sync dates through online media scenarios like TikTok. She should have been the best Pakistani name since her youth. The main event was when she joined an unusual online application. She entered the industry as a child star. At this stage, Area continued to advance shocking accounts and praised them to some extent. Anyway, she started to gain quite a bit of fame online. However, she continued to work to remember the dates of some super-hit songs. She received a massive load of merit through her hobby. In general, Areeka Haq especially received love from her Tik Tok accounts.

Ariqa has gained many fans quickly with her essential look and killer style. Like everyone, the incredible person of Tik Tok is trying to become huge for the entertainment industry in Pakistan.

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Social App Popularity:

Areeqa Haq has a large following on her TikTok and Instagram accounts, earning her a good amount of money. She remains reliably outstanding in various stages of online media. As a result, Ariqa has 2.3 million followers on Instagram, soon to hit 3.1 million. She is popular on TikTok, with 9.0 million followers. She likes the fantastic process of creating extraordinary dates for her TikTok account id. Her fans are crazy to see her in various Pakistani shows and super-hit movies. Ariqa has many rabid fans through online media, such as short clips.

Ariqa Haq Spouse/Affairs:

Currently, the star is not involved in any relationship. Apart from this, she has been featured on several TikTok accounts near her crazy followers of him. Like most intellectuals, she tries to hide her love life.

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Areeka Haq Net Worth:

Ariqa has made a fortune from a lot of exposure through electronic media. Has collaborated with promotions in some way. Haq is one of the top ten highest-paid female TikTokers in Pakistan for showing work in videos. Ariqa Haq is estimated to be worth USD 1.5 million (as of 2022).

Fans Following (Social Media Links):

Areeka Haq has a huge fan following and very active on her social media accounts. Below are the some social media links, so you can visit and keep updating yourselves regarding her social media activities.

 Instagram:-  areeka  haq

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Areeka Haq pictures


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