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Sundal Khatak

Full Name:Sandal Khattak
Nick Name:Sandal
Maritial Status:
Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Famous As
Tiktok Star
Religion: Muslim
Marital Status: Unmarried
September 05, 1996
5 ft 3 in (1.6m)
52 kg
Favorite Foods
Favorite Colors
Red, Brown, Black
Making videos, Cracking jokes with friends.
Years Active: 2018-Present
Salary: 50k per month
Net Worth:Not Known
Bra Size: 34B
Waist Size: 26 inches
Hip Size: 34 Inches
Chest Size: 35 inches
Body Measurements: Breast-34 Waist-30, Hips-36
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Sandal Khattak whose real name is Sandal Shamim is a stunning TikTok superstar and young model who suddenly made headlines after being spotted with various politicians including Imran Khan and Sheikh Rashid. She was born on September 05, 1996. Her religion is Islam. Sandal Khattak became active on social media hiding her true identity after her TikTok videos she became popular. These days, her connections to many politicians are becoming quite recognizable. Due to the increasing popularity of her, many people are interviewing her. This article contains all the information including biography of Sandal Khattak.

She along with her other celebrity friend Hareem Shah was seen making a video with top PTI leaders at the Foreign Ministry building. She joined social media after hiding her identity, which came to light after her identity card went viral. She belongs to Peshawar. However, over time she is gaining popularity through hate and criticism.

She is known for her smart and beautiful appearance. She makes fun and inspiring videos. She has a large following on her Instagram and TikTok platforms. Currently she lives in Karachi. She also goes to Dubai and Qatar for vacations. If you are looking for Sandal Khattak Biography, Birthdate, Education, Wallpaper and Family then you can find this information here. You can also check the public opinion and fan opinions about Sandal Khattak here.

Her family was very proud of her performances from the beginning. Her boyfriend’s name is Nadeem Naniwala. She mainly likes to make videos on Instagram and her other hobby is traveling. She makes a lot of travel videos on Instagram. She said that when a person travels, he/she can forget all the worries and feel relaxed. Her father’s name is Kaleem. Her father is a very kind and a straightforward man. She belongs to a good family. And she lives happily with everyone in her whole family. Her sister’s name is N/A and her brother’s name is N/A. Her mother’s name is N/A.

Sundal Khatak

Sundal Khattak Date of birth:

Khattak was born on September 5, 1996 in Rawalpindi. She belongs to Peshawar and lives there with her family. However, after gaining much popularity and being involved in various controversies, she is currently not in Peshawar and lives with her friend Hareem Shah in Karachi.


She received her education from Peshawar Model School and College for Boys and Girls. She later moved to Peshawar University, obtaining her bachelor’s degree.

Professional Career:

Sandal Khattak, who hails from a wealthy but modern family, used to make videos on the popular app TikTok, through which she met Hareem Shah. Thus began their friendship. Sandal Khattak rose to fame after her viral videos with various politicians. Her popularity increased after his fight with journalist Mubasher Luqman. The greed of fame made them do all the wrong things. She and her friend started threatening many politicians including Imran Khan on social media.

While giving an interview to a local TV station, her friend claimed that she was Sheikh Rasheed’s sister-in-law. According to her, Sheikh Rasheed secretly married Sandal. Currently, she is not in Pakistan and is receiving constant threats from all sides. She recently leaked a video call from former Minister of Railways Sheikh Rasheed.

Sundal Khatak with hareem shah

Sundal Khattak Salary, Net Worth And Sundal Khattak Whatsapp/Contact Number:

She is a Pakistani social media superstar and a young model. She gained a lot of popularity on social media. Because of this, she also started to like other brands and companies. And she also received many modeling offers for their brands and companies.

Sandal Khattak’s net worth in 2022 is 880K$. She also really likes to have new modern car models. Sandal Khattak also earns well from modeling.

But no matter how much income they have, they should help the poor as much as possible because Allah has given her family a lot of wealth. May Allah grant us all the ability to help the poor. Amen! Her whatsapp number is N/A.

[ Frequently Asked Question ]

Q:- Where does Sundal Khattak Live?
Ans: She lives in Karachi.

Q:- Does She Know Cooking?
Ans: Yes, she knows cooking and manages all cooking at home.

Q:- What is the name of her Father?
Ans: Her father’s name is Mr. Kaleem.

Q:- What is the name of Sundal Khattak Mother?
Ans: Her Mother’s name is N/A.

Q:- What is the age of Sundal Khattak?
Ans: The current age of Sandal Khattak is 26 Years. she was born on September 05, 1996.

Q:- What is Her net worth?
Ans: She has a net worth of 880K$.

Q:- How many she has followers on Instagram?
Ans: she has over 236k Followers followers on Instagram.

Q:- Is she remain active on her social media accounts?
Ans: Yes, she is very active on Instagram and keeps posting stylish images on Instagram.

Q:-Is she a Pet lover?
Ans: Yes, she is a huge pet lover girl.

Fans Following:

Sandal Khattak has a large fan vigil and very active on his social media. These are the social media links so you can choose to keep up-to-date with your own social activities.

Instagram:- sundalkhattakoffiial


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