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Bilal Abbas Khan is one of the top Pakistani model and skilled actor. He has established himself as a versatile actor over the years. However, Bilal Abbas Khan worked hard to be where he is today. He always felt that he had to act. In recent years, he has been a part of some of the most successful drama series. Every role he has played in the past year has made his presence felt and the audience got to see a completely different side of him.

He is able to play positive and negative roles with great precision. He has the vision and talent to succeed in the industry. This is just the beginning of his career and he has already achieved a lot. Bilal said in an interview that he tries not to repeat the roles that he has already played. He finds challenges enjoyable as they give him a chance to show a different side of his acting skills each time.

bilal abbas khan pictures

While most actors of his age are busy playing hero roles, Bilal Abbas Khan has already shown that he doesn’t want to be stereotyped. Fans love him for his on-screen performances and his off-screen personality.

He received formal acting training from National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA). He had always dreamed of becoming an actor, but he never thought that he would get to where he is today. Even after gaining so much fame, he remains grounded.

Bilal Abbas Khan Age:

Bilal Abbas was born on June 4,1992 in Karachi. He is 29 years old in 2022. He officially joined the entertainment industry at the age of 24. He is one of those few celebrities who almost never posts birthday party photos of him. The only time se posted a photo of himself was with members of his family.

Bilal Abbas Family:

Bilal Abbas considers his family as his lifeline. He has 2 brothers and a sister. His brother and his sister are older than him and he has a brother who is younger than him. He keeps posting photos with his family on his social media pages.

The captions and photos of Bilal Abbas make it clear that family comes first for him. He said in an interview that since he is the middle child, he can hang out with his other siblings a lot.

bilal abass khan family pictures

He was raised and still lives in a joint family system, so he wanted his son to enter the field of acting to make his dream come true.

His mother is a fashion designer. When she entered showbiz, she told him that she was going to design her clothes for him.

Bilal Abbas’s Brother:

Bilal Abbas has two brothers. One of his brothers is older than him and the other is younger. Their names are Umair Abbas and Shahbaz Abbas. His younger brother likes to sing, but he has no intention of pursuing singing as a profession. He is the closest to his younger brother.

Bilal Abbas’s Sister:

Bilal Abbas’s sister is older than him. Her name is Sana Tauseef and she has her own business. She has her own fashion and pret jewelry business. she is married and has a 10-year-old son. Her son’s name is Kabir Taseef Ali. He even has his own Instagram page run by his mom.

His sister also wants to continue writing. She always wanted to write and now that her brother is in showbiz, she wants to write scripts for plays. These are her long-term plans.

Bilal Abbas's sister

He often shares his love for Sana on his social media pages. Besides his mother, his sister is very close to him.

Bilal Abbas in his best move:

He has worked with the best directors and producers over a years. Bilal Abbas’ works show his dedication as an actor. He also appeared in a drama with famous Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz.

He said in an interview that the drama series “Orangrizib” was a game changer for him. Viewers are currently looking forward to his upcoming web series in which he will star alongside Nauman Ijaz, Sawira Nadeem, and Sarah Khan. He has played the lead in the drama series Dunk, which is also a fan favorite.

bilal abbas khan pictures

Bilal Abbas Khan’s dramas have repeatedly gained viewership in recent years. Through his works, he tries his best to show the audience a different side of him every time. He has had the opportunity to work with the best actors in pakistani film industry. Superstar like Mahira Khan also wants to work with him.

Wife of Bilal Abbas Khan:

He is single. In an interview, he said that he had big plans for his career so he wasn’t even thinking about getting married yet. Bilal Abbas Khan said that he wants his career in showbiz to be the center of attention.

bilal abbas khan pictures

He said in another interview that he was not romantic. He understood and loved the idea of ​​romance but he was not a romantic by nature.

Fans Following:

Bilal Abbas Khan is active on Instagram. He usually uses the platform to share photos of his family and keep fans informed about his upcoming projects. Bilal Abbas has more than 2 million followers on Instagram. Bilal Abbas Khan has a huge social media fan following and is very prolific in his social media updates. See the social links on here to find out about his prominent online activity and social networking.

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