Noman Shameer Biography, Facts, Life Style & Life Story

Noman Shameer Biography, Facts, Life Style & Life Story


Noman Shameer is commonly known as the son of famous Pakistani actor Nouman Ijaz. Shamir is an attractive, bold and high-profile young man. He is a new actor in the Pakistani dramatic entertainment industry and belongs to an experienced artistic family. His religion is Islam and he belongs to a devout Muslim family. Noman Ijaz is his father and Rabia Noman is his mother.

He has two brothers, Ryaan Nauman and Zaviyaar. He is the second of his two brothers, Zaviyaar Nauman is the older brother and Ryaan is the younger. His father, Nauman Ijaz, worked successfully in the Pakistani theatre industry for 36 years.

He is such a nice guy. Fans love to know about his complete and accurate biography of him. In this post, I have revealed all the important, interesting and unknown facts that you should know about them. So let us take an in-depth look at his biography, collected biographical data and various other points in his life.

Let’s talk about his physical stats first. His height is 5 feet 4 inches, and currently, his weight is around 60 kg in 2022. His hair colour is pure black and his eye colour is also pure black. If you want more informative facts about Shamir, please read the full post below. Also, I will share some interesting untold facts, relationships, and more.

noman shameer brothers

He has 34.7 thousand followers on Instagram. His Instagram name is Shamir. Currently, his marital status is single and he is not interested in getting married soon. He loves long trips and junk food, he also likes watching movies and the latest dramas, his favourite actor is Faisal Khan and actress Yumna Zaidi.

Shameer is an upcoming Pakistani television superstar actor and model who will make the nation proud of him as well as his father Nauman Ijaz. He will soon be making his television debut and we are looking forward to seeing his debut. His unique personality has undoubtedly earned him a huge following on various platforms. So it will be nice to see it on the small screen (television).

He is a famous rising personality in the Pakistani drama industry and also belongs to the circle of works of art. Very soon, he is starting his career in the showbiz field as a professional. He won the hearts of millions of people with his charming personality.

Noman Shameer Education:

Noman Shamir is a knowledgeable and active person. From Karachi, Pakistan, Shamir completed his degree.

Noman Shameer Family:

noman shameer family

Shameer was born into a wealthy Muslim family, and his father is a famous television actor named Nouman Ijaz. He has a very close and friendly connection with his two brothers and with his mom/dad. His mother’s name is Rabia Noman, a gorgeous lady who looks so young.

[ Frequently Asked Question ]

Q:- Who is Noman Ijaz married to?
Ans: Yes with Rabia Nouman.
Q:- Who is Zaviyar Noman?
Ans: Zaviyaar Noman Ijaz is a handsome young Pakistani model and actor who has just debuted in the drama series ‘Qissa Meherbano Ka’ alongside Mawra Hocane and Ahsan Khan. He is the son of the multifaceted Pakistani actor Noman Ijaz. Recently, he walked down the ramp with his father.
Q:- How old is Nauman Ejaz?
Ans: 57 years old (14th of February, 1965).
Q:- Is Nauman Ijaz married?
Ans: Yes is married, to Rabia Noman.
Q:- What is the height of Noman Ijaz?
Ans: 5.5 feet or 1.7 m.
Q:- Where is Noman Ijaz from?
Ans: Lahore, Pakistan.

Fans Following (Social Media Links):

Noman Shameer has a large following on social media and often posts about his activities. Some links are provided for your benefit below.

Instagram:- sameer noman


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