Sana Javed Biography, Facts, Life Style & Life Story

Sana Javed Biography, Facts, Life Style & Life Story


Sana Javed has become more popular as a drama actress than before. She has recently chosen to act in dramas that offer more than just entertainment. She is recognized as a good actress now more than ever.

She firmly believes that as an actress, she has a great responsibility. She wants her works and her characters to be educational. “Khani” and “Rasvai” were the drama series of her career as an actress. She wants to play a strong female character in a drama because she wants female audiences to be inspired by the roles she chooses.

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It’s also interesting that even after being associated with showbiz for eight years, she doesn’t reveal much about her personal life in interviews. She ensures the interviews she gives are about her and hers are about her work. Unlike celebrities who have not divulged personal details, other stars do so in various interviews she has an entirely different way of giving interviews.

Her role in “Pyaray Afzal” was a turning point for her. She considers theatre director Nadeem Baig as her mentor. She said in an interview that Nadeem Baig is her teacher. She considers Pyaray Afzal one of the dramas that are close to her heart.

Date of Birth:

She was born on 25th of March, 1993 in Jaddah, Saudi Arabia. She is 29 years old in 2022.

Sana Javed Beauiful Pictures

Sana Javed’s Family:

Sana Javed is the only actress not close to her non-celebrity relatives. Likewise, her two brothers, who are also celebrities her sister “Hina” Javed recently joined the showbiz industry and her brother “Abdullah Javed” has been modeling for years.

She wants her non-celebrity family to enjoy the privacy everyone outside of the spotlight wants and deserves. Even her famous siblings are not usually seen together in public. However, they continue to support each other.

Sana Javed’s Mother:

Sana Javed is very close to her mother. She posted an emotional message to her mom on her Instagram a few months ago. When Sana is away from home, she misses her mother and father a lot. Her parents and sister get so emotional that they start crying no matter where she goes.

Sana Javed’s Father:

Sana Javed has been so secretive with her family that even the identity of her father is a mystery. However, everyone knows how close Sana is to her father. After the scandal, many websites concluded that her on-screen father, Syed Muhammad Ahmed, was her father, which is not true. She considers her parents as the most precious gift.

Sister of Sana Javed:

Sana Javed’s sister Hina Javed, an actress, recently made her first debut. Her first drama in her acting career was “Mere Paas Tum Ho” which was loved by viewers. She worked with the most famous stars of the showbiz industry in this serial like Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui, and Ayeza Khan. Hina Javed immediately caught the audience’s attention for the role she was playing and how she acted. She has already bagged another promising project.

Sana Javed picture with Hina Javed

Hina Javed feels lucky to have started her acting career with a role and play that was appreciated by the general public. Many people didn’t even know that Hina was Sana’s sister when she appeared on TV. Within a few episodes, this news became common knowledge.

Sana Javed’s Husband:

In an interview, she wished that her husband should be a person with a lot of character, a sense of responsibility, and high morals. In another interview she gave about five years ago, she clearly stated that her marriage is not in the cards. She said she would only get married when she finds her ideal man, as she has no intention of committing in this regard.

Sana Javed has married Umair Jaswal. Only a few internet wedding photos of her have been received.

Sana Javed husband

Sana Javed’s Instagram:

She has 3.8 million followers on Instagram. She uses her Instagram account to keep her fans updated. She doesn’t interact much with her fans on Instagram, but she keeps them updated.

Her clothes selection:

Sana has a beautiful face and body, and her knowledge of style gives her an even more excellent appearance. Sana Javed likes to wear traditional and traditionally designed clothing, and her perfect sense of style does anything she can to support another Pakistani girl.

Fans Following:

Sana has a huge fanbase and is very active on her personal social media account. Here are a few of the links to her social media profiles below.

Instagram:- Sana Javed


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