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Hodge Twins Net Worth in 2022:

As of 2022, the net worth of the Hodge twins is approximately $5 million. He earns his income mainly through YouTube and other social media platforms. He is active from 2008 to the present as a YouTubers comedians and political commentator.

Hodgetwins Biography/Wikipedia:

The Hodgetwins were born on September 17, 1975. His age as of 2022 was 57 years. Also known as the Conservative Twins or the Conservative Twins, they are an American comedy duo that combines conservative political commentary with stand-up comedy. They are made up of twin brothers Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge. They started out as YouTubers and then moved to live comedy in 2016.

They attended VidCon 2016 and were voted the third-best black creators by The Root. They were raised in a family of four children; they have an older brother and sister. They were raised in poverty in Virginia and were born there. Because they didn’t have enough food at home, they shoplifted hamburger meat and pasta from Wal-Mart. Both went on to college. Both received Finance and Accounting degrees from American InterContinental University in the USA.

Before YouTube:

Keith and Kevin Hodge were both employed in various industries before they entered the entertainment business and started making Youtube videos. They were enlisted in Marine Corps and served as undercover security guards to shoplifters. They didn’t seem to enjoy what was happening. They started making YouTube videos while working for the company. Keith Hodge, while working at the company, thought one day of creating YouTube videos full time and quitting their job.


Keith and Kevin Hodge uploaded their first YouTube video on December 25, 2008. The sketch was funny and involved an argument in a bathroom. They would then turn the channel into a comedy channel, where they would share their opinions on current events.

Hodge Twins during comedy

The channel was popular and the twins began to talk about other topics. One of their subscribers suggested that they start giving relationship advice.

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After their channel gained traction, Keith and Kevin decided to focus on their fitness. They started uploading videos to Twin Muscle Workout, which is their most popular channel. It currently has 2.1million subscribers, as of July 2019.

Hodge Twins fitness

They received harsh criticisms in the comments section after posting their first video. The Hodge Twins ended every video with the disclaimer, “Do whatever you want.” This became one of the Hodge Twins’ most memorable and emphatic catchphrases.

Stand-Up Comedy:

The Hodge Twins, a stand-up comedy act and actor, have been trying to establish themselves over the past few years. They have comedy tours around the globe. Their comedy shows are inspired by Richard Pryor’s and Bill Burr’s narrative format. They include jokes that are based on their own stories, including past jobs, relationships, and being poor. They have been to Australia and the UK. 2016 was their No Filter tour.

Personal Life:

They enlisted in Marine Corps and had more than half a million YouTube subscribers by 2013. Their cousins were both shots, so they used social media to raise funds for their medical bills. They now reside in Las Vegas. Keith and Elizabeth were married on May 31, 2000.

They have three children together. Kevin married his wife at the same time and they had four children. The twins have been married for more than 15 years to their current wives and have lived in Los Angeles since 1997. The twins are passionate about health and fitness and want to be an example to their children by making nutrition, fitness, and body image a part of their daily lives.

Hodge Twins marriage and personal life

Both are certified personal trainers by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). During cheat days, they enjoy eating pizza, barbecue ribs, and Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits. Both agree that Keith is more serious and Kevin is more relaxed. The mother of the Hodge Twins, Keith Hodge, died on September 16, 2013.

Hodgetwins Workout (Fitness):

The Hodge twins, who are International Sports Sciences Association certified trainers, appeared on Train magazine’s front page. They appeared as guests on The Fighter and the Kid, a comedy podcast. They were rated by CheatSheet as the 4th most popular fitness YouTube channel.

Here’s a sample exercise routine from Keith and Kevin Hodge.

They perform day-wise:

You can do the following: Chest & Triceps exercises, Legs, Back, Arms, Shoulders, and Abs exercises. Then, you can rest.

Hodge twins Diet:

  • Hodges consumes 120 to 140 grams of protein each day. Kevin claims that they could consume approximately 210g of protein if they ate one gram per pound of body weight. He believes that it is too much to digest for his colon and kidneys.
  • These are the six rules that the Hodge Twins follow to lose weight.
  • Lean meats, such as. For protein, eat lean meats (i.e. chicken) and eggs.
  • For your carbohydrate intake, eat vegetables, potatoes, and rice.
  • Try to cook your own meals. If that is not possible, try a healthier option from a restaurant.
  • You can lose weight by eating between 1800 and 2000 calories each day.
  • Limit your carb intake to 50g or less on 2 or 3 days a week.
  • You should eat six small meals per meal.

Hodge Twins fitness 2

Public opinions and controversies:

The comedy duo announced that a Tallahassee venue had canceled one of their shows in January 2019. They posted the news on Twitter and Facebook. They stated that the venue owner did not like their political views and canceled the show. They used the hashtags #maga and #trump2020. Both the tweet and Facebook posts were deleted. However, Wilbury’s general manager stated that the Gaines Street venue does not object to the HodgeTwins humor but only their “hateful content”.

The Hodge twins, who are conservatives, have more than two million subscribers to their Conservative Twins YouTube channel. Donald Trump supporters, the Hodge twins appeared on Trump’s Real News Update webcast. The Black Lives Matter social and political movement is opposed to the twins. The Hodge twins are responsible for two of the most popular Facebook posts regarding the George Floyd protests. They appear on many conservative comedian Steven Crowder’s programs.

The Wilbury was the venue where they were scheduled to perform. Despite this, Brian Johnson, the general manager, Ryan Smith, and the city commissioner Jeremy Matlow decided to cancel their performance following a viral video on HodgeTwins YouTube that made fun of a transgender person identifying as a woman.

The comedians show a clip taken from a viral video that shows a person yelling at an employee at GameStop for not using their preferred pronouns. This clip was recorded on December 29, 2018. They mock the person’s voice and appearance throughout the remainder of the video.

Hodge Twins with family

One of the men said, “You need to be a more real transgender person,” in a video that has been viewed over 100,000 times.

HodgeTwins posted a photo of The Moon’s performance on their Facebook page. It was later canceled. Scott Carswell, The Moon’s owner, stated that he was approached by the promoter for the show. However, the comedians were never confirmed.

Black Lives Matter Movement Criticism:

Hodge posted a “Black Lives Matter is a Leftist Lies” video to Twitter on June 4, 2020. The video featured frequent laughter as the Hodgetwins exchanged commentary against Black Lives Matter.

“All life matters,” said one of them before the other, noting that they were “black men and black Americans.” I am not African-American, I’m a Black American. I was not born in Africa. One of the twins stated that he cannot support Black Lives Matter as the “whole narrative” that black police officers hunt down black men daily is a lie.

The Hodgetwins also referred the the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” mantra that stemmed from the Shooting of Michael Brown, Missouri – which a Washington Post black opinion writer later admitted was “built upon a lie.”

Hodge Twins complete family

One said, “You have to understand what the media is doing to you”. “The Black Lives Matter group is there to make black people upset because the Democrats want to get you to vote for them”.

The other said, “Yeah. This organization’s whole purpose is to keep black people pissed so they can keep them mentally enslaved as much as you need them because it’s supposed to be your saviors.” The first replied mockingly, “They’re going to give you reparations, and they’re going to make your life better.” “Ain’t nobody gonna make your life better except you”.

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